Warm a Heart

Year after year, Lebanon’s harsh winters have taken a toll on those who do not have the means to stay warm during the frosty season. Much of our country’s population struggles to make ends meet, and their conditions are often exacerbated by the severe weather. Fortunately, the SLO® Social Responsibility Department is always on the ball! We launched the “Warm a Heart” clothing drive and received an impressive amount of donations from students and their families. The donated clothes were packed into boxes and completely filled an entire bus! We would like to thank those at AVSI, the NGO that received our donations, which will work closely with the United Nations to ensure that the clothes are distributed to those who need them most. Also, we thank our selfless prefects who spent lunch breaks sorting and packing the clothes. Most importantly, we thank our students and their families for the donations, without which the drive would not have been possible. Without a doubt, this campaign is one of our department’s greatest successes this year, and we are looking forward to next year’s campaign.

Antonius Chedid
SLO® Social Responsibility Deputy Head



“The Warm a Heart Campaign was a heartfelt experience that raised my awareness towards life and its brutal complications. Being part of the clothing drive truly opened my eyes, as I realized that not all of life's essentials are guaranteed to everybody. I look forward to next year's trip, and I advise each and every student to participate!”
Aya Feghali- G8