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Student Information

Previous School Information

Consent to Use Student Personal Data in Photo/Audio/Video

During the academic year, the school may occasionally ask students to be photographed, videoed or recorded, for use in marketing campaigns with purposes including but not limited to promoting the School and SABIS®, their educational products, and activities including extracurricular activities.

Please read the full consent form before providing your response below.

Family Data
1st Guardian (to whom the school reports and other correspondence should be addressed)

2nd Guardian

Siblings (if any)

Father or Mother Graduate of a SABIS® Network school

Emergency Contact (other than guardian)
Please list 2 people that can be contacted in case of accidents or other emergencies
Registration Procedures for New Students:
  • Collect the introductory file from the Administration for an initial overview of SIS-Adma and the SABIS® Educational System.
  • You can either make an appointment to find out further information or you can simply ask for the Application Folder to complete the required documents for registration.
  • A non-refundable joining fee must be paid.
  • An interview or Placement Test is conducted.

Please make sure you provide us with the following required essential documents:

  • Passport Copy
  • Two Passport Photographs
  • Previous School Report
  • Medical and Vaccination Report
  • Guarantee Form
  • Medical Emergency Form

For those students coming from within Lebanon:

  • Passing Certificate identifying the class to which the child has been promoted (certified from the Ministry of Education)
  • Certified copy of the Brevet Certificate for the 1st Secondary sudents

For those students coming from outside Lebanon, the school certificate must be certified from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the country the student was in as well as from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Equivalence Committee.

Please note that an exemption from Arabic from the Lebanese Ministry of Education is required for those students who wish to join the non-Lebanese program.

I hereby confirm that all the information contained in this application form is true.

Important Note

Students who are offered enrollment will be contacted by phone.
Once accepted and the required fees are paid, a place for the student is reserved.

I, the Guardian, confirm all above details to be correct

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