Nabil Chedid

Senior in the Spotlight

Nickname: Nabboula 

Years at SABIS®8

Major: Premed combined with Electrical and Computer Engineering

University: North Carolina State University

Best memory at SIS-Adma: Being a part of the Model United Nations (MUN) program as a delegate and as an advisor, acting in Aladdin, being selected for SABIS® STARS, being a part of the school band (Too Many Ayas), math classes with Ms. Rouba, chemistry classes with Ms. Maya, and physics classes with Mr. Tony.

"SABIS® has been a microcosm for the modern-day professionally oriented society, as well as for the bureaucracy of most workplaces. Dealing with hectic schedules and massive workloads has shown me the invaluable role of a social life in maintaining a healthy mindset. I am confident that SABIS® has enabled me to thrive in even the most stressful environments. Though others may feel nervous about attending university, it is something I greatly look forward to."