• “The IGCSE program was tough and stressful; nonetheless, it taught us several skills, such as critical thinking and creativity. All in all, the IGCSE program was an extremely useful experience that will definitely benefit us in our future endeavors.”
    Bernard Nader Student

  • “Taking the IGCSE exams was quite the experience. While it was certainly stressful, these exams challenged me both academically and physically, allowing me to improve the way I approached and organized my studies. In the end, thanks to the help of the school and the support of my friends, all the preparation and effort I put into these exams resulted in great success.”

    Clara Abdessater Student

  • “AP® classes exposed me to universally applicable tools that I implemented in my high school classes, and will be utilizing in college. From time management and study habits to critical thinking, I learned a great deal from AP® and from my teachers. I really encourage everyone willing to work hard to take AP® classes.”
    Sarah Nasr Student

  • “Taking courses of such a level challenged my time management skills and my school performance as a whole. It’s something that would be worth doing when someone has the time to put in it because results will show. Also, having teachers helping us in preparation was another vital thing needed to make such an experience end on a good note.”

    Elias El Khoury, Student

  • “Renée and Sarah have grown in a way that they never would have at another school. As a mom, I am so pleased that Renée accomplished the A Level path with great success, which increased her chances of being accepted into her chosen university, and prepared her for the demands of higher education where critical thinking and analytical skills are important. I would like to show my great appreciation to the teachers who have taught Renée and have guided her to achieve amazing results in her A Levels. They have been a source of confidence and inspiration to work hard! I also appreciate the most efficient manner in which the online external exams classes were held during the pandemic.

    As Sarah (Grade 12) is following the AP® path, SABIS® highly provides her with the tools and strategies needed to obtain valuable skills, such as time management, needed for future success.

    Overall, the external exams were an extremely beneficial academic experience. A huge thank you goes out to the teachers and school administrators, who have helped in encouraging and supporting our kids throughout this journey!”

    SIS-Adma Parent - Mrs. Nahed Nasr Parent

  • I would like to thank SABIS for going the extra mile for our kids to educate and nurture them and prepare them for the challenges ahead. SABIS has proven its contribution to our kids' academic standing as well as their continuous care for our little one's psychological and emotional well-being especially in these tough times. The expert talks about "Making the Most of Today's Uncertainties" helped us address current issues with our kids through a modern approach that proved helpful and effective. We have been accustomed to certain values and ways of doing things and the talk showed us otherwise. This webinar educated us about this “new normal” and gave us tips on how to take care of ourselves as parents so that we can effectively take care of our kids; furthermore, this talk enabled us to deal with today's challenges through ways of dealing with our kids’ frustrations, their temperament, their behavioral concerns as well as how to approach a family loss due to COVID19. Again, thanks to SABIS for investing the time and the resources to bring us the best-in-class education for our kid's well-being and success."
    Mrs. Jreij - Parent

  • "Not only do teachers help us grow and achieve our academic endeavors, but they also guide us to our future careers and help us develop our future selves. They gift us with the skills we need to understand the world. They are not only our mentors but also our friends as they support us through personal conflicts and cheer us on in times of success."
    Robin Abboud - Grade 12

  • "Very few people can say that they've been given an opportunity to make an actual difference in our community. However, through my being an active member of the Student Life Organization, I can truly say that I have been given that chance and wholeheartedly taken it. Consequently, SABIS® has instilled in me morals and values that I will forever be grateful for and has aided me in my quest to leave a positive impact on our world."
    Theresia Nakhoul – Grade 12

  • “We really appreciate the KG teachers at SIS-Adma. They always have a smile on their face and always give positive feedback."
    SIS-Adma KG Parents

  • “KG teachers at SIS-Adma encourage students to participate and share great examples which our children can relate to.”
    SIS-Adma KG Parent

  • “Thank you to all SIS-Adma KG teachers who make the class interesting for students and easy to understand.”
    SIS-Adma KG Parent

  • "I have three children: in Preschool, Grade 1, and Grade 5. I am extremely pleased with the online learning as it has given my children a sense of routine and also ensured that they don’t miss out on their academics. As for preschool, it was a very nice experience as I got to see my child interacting with her teachers."
    Mrs. Cherine Nawfal - SIS-Adma Parent

  • We, as a family, would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our feedback regarding the online learning courses offered by SABIS®. As usual, SABIS® always does its best to meet and even surpass the expectations of its students by offering the perfect learning experience and overcoming all the present logistic difficulties. The online learning program was not an exception. We are very satisfied by the mechanism put in place and we appreciate the school taking into consideration the parents’ and students’ needs by offering flexible teaching hours from the beginning to the end of the courses. We also appreciate the teachers’ professionalism and all the efforts they demonstrated in communicating with their students online. They have asked questions and tried their best to keep them focused and involved - even remotely. We are also impressed by the online tests and exams offered to students under «Exam Preparation» and «SLE» on the SDP, along with the percentage completion of each course. These exams are a continuation to the SABIS® AMS and Periodic exams which SABIS® students are used to. In other words, this online learning experience is extremely significant as it provides students with the opportunity to continue their studies online as if they were physically at school and also gives parents hope for a better future for their children in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We wish you the best.
    Lana & Ghassan Kebbe - Parents at SIS-Adma

  • “I liked it so much because during the sessions, teachers showed us pictures. I liked English and Arabic classes a lot, especially the morning rituals. Overall, online classes were so much fun.”
    Kate Ghafary - KG2

  • “I would like to thank my school, my teachers, and everyone who made the online teaching so easy and fun to do. I felt like I was in school, yet from the comfort of my own home. I understood everything and it was amazing. Thank you, SABIS®! You are the best!”
    Laetecia Al-Nakhle – Grade 2

  • “Learning online was a nice experience. Although it is different from normal school, we are still learning in a different way. We are lucky to be able to learn while the entire country is under lockdown.”
    Rebecca Fahed – Grade 3

  • “I am so happy to have the chance to still do P.E. sessions while at home. It is super fun and I love it! I give the games a score of 200. Sports to me is infinite love.”
    Ghassan Abou Faysal – KG3

  • “I advise everyone in the world to exercise because it is very good for you. Sports should be a part of everybody’s daily life. Exercise at least 3 times a week, like me.”
    Omar Felaifel – Grade 4

  • “You have made all of us happy. You have not done anything boring and I have enjoyed all your lovely sessions, especially the water Xylophone project. Thank you!”
    Maria-Laura Bitar – KG3

  • “I have enjoyed all the music sessions with you. They were amazing! I have learned a lot and you have made the lessons very interesting and enjoyable at the same time.”-
    Anthony Bitar – Grade 4

  • “The online music lessons were really fun. The best part was completing the online quizzes, which really tested my knowledge about singers and movies.”
    Maryse Aoun – Grade 6

  • “I enjoyed the online art classes. They kept me busy during quarantine. The online art classes were very entertaining and I had so much fun!”
    Isabella Vaccaro - Grade 6

  • “I enjoy football, futsal, and athletics although balancing academics and athletics is not an easy task, but SIS-Adma has taught me to set priorities and obligations. Once you are in a football game, you forget about everything and focus on the game in order to win. However, once you are off the field, you have to prioritize your studies. I am thankful for the continuous training the school has provided in regards to the sports’ teams and the type of attention given to players tackling their weak points. Being part of a team, that other schools feared playing against gave us confidence and faith in each other as team members and that is the best thing about being an athlete at SIS-Adma.”
    Najib Haidar - SIS-Adma Alumni Athlete

  • “I am a senior at SIS-Adma and I play volleyball/beach volleyball. Through the SABIS® system, I learned to balance and maintain a high performance in both my athletic and academic life. I am so thankful for SIS-Adma who has given attention to my talent in several ways. Our coaches have been present at every match and have always been there to cheer us on and guide us. Lose or win, they have always found a way to make us work hard while creating unforgettable memories. The best thing about being an athlete at SIS-ADMA is the bonds that we have formed with each other. Whether teacher or student, when it comes to teamwork, it all becomes irrelevant, and we all turn into one big family that would do anything for one another.”
    Aya Maria Matar - SIS-Adma Senior Athlete

  • “Basketball is my passion. SABIS® taught me how to balance between academics and sports and for that I am thankful. Being part of NBA junior league was a great experience that I will never forget.”
    Elie Jurdak - Grade 8 School Athlete

  • “I am a determined Grade 5 athlete who loves swimming, football, and skiing. At SIS-Adma, I learned to develop my athletic skills through training and encouragement. The best part about being an athlete at SIS-Adma is working as a team and making new friends along the way.”
    Ella Nawfal - Grade 5 School Athlete

  • "After graduating from SIS-Adma in 2012, I pursued a degree in computer and communications engineering at the American University of Beirut (AUB) and finished in 2016. Upon graduating from AUB, I moved to Dubai and started working with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), one of the top management consulting firms in the world. Moving forward, I plan to do a master’s degree in business administration in the U.S. in the upcoming couple of years. I can truly say that SABIS® has played a big role in helping me become the person I am today. I learned discipline and organization at school and how to stay up-to-date on my work load and studies. I am also thankful for my involvement in SLO, which enabled me to improve my social and sports skills.”
    Bechara Abou Arab Student

  • SABIS® has been and always will be a second home to us - specifically the SLO, which embodies the core of the SABIS® experience. This school has provided us with opportunities not only to achieve academic success, but also become the people we want to be through character development, leadership traits and communication skills. We grow up to become effective members of the community that strive to make a difference in the world as well as ourselves.”

    Noor Takidin Student

  • “School plays a huge role in every child's life. My school has effectively contributed in building our characters, shaping our personalities, and undeniably molding us into well-rounded individuals. It gives each student the opportunity to meet his/her full potential; not just through its prestigious academic system but also through the infinite activities that are constantly taking place and the number of outstanding people you could meet here. The person I am today is majorly influenced by the cultural environment and lively atmosphere that SABIS® has ensured for each of its students. I am beyond grateful to have been given the privilege to be part of such an invaluable community.” 

    Laila Hadaya Student

  • "It has been eight years since my children started at SIS-Adma. As a parent, I am pleased they had the chance to grow in a safe environment. The academic background that my kids acquired throughout these years will definitely open doors for them in the future."

    Mrs. Lena Homsi Parent

  • "Choosing a school for my children was most probably one of the hardest tasks I faced as a mother. To my luck, SIS-Adma opened and my first child became a pupil in September 2007, followed by his brother in 2009 and his sister in 2014. I feel confident that my children are receiving the best care, attention and education and are well prepared for future learning.

    I have peace of mind that my kids are in a safe, secure and well-equipped environment that in turn gives my kids the motivation to want to go to school each morning smiling and happy. Any problems I have faced have always been dealt with in a speedy and correct manner, keeping the pupils’ best interest at stake.

    I am certain that my children’s ongoing journey in SIS-Adma will be as fruitful and rewarding as their start in 2007."

    Mrs. Karen Bassil Mother of Grade 5, Grade 3 and Nursery

  • "SABIS® was my first and only choice. I was lucky to be the first parent to enroll my son Abdallah and hold ID #1 at the school.  One can feel the warm and professional atmosphere as soon as you enter the main gate. The students are happy and I have seen them grow and develop emotionally, physically, mentally, and intellectually over the years.

    Kids nurtured their skills through activities such as drama, singing, dancing, the yearly musical show that they do with lots of love and efforts, and the poetry night that show their passion, not to mention all kinds of sports.

    What I like the most is the SLO system that teaches the students how to help and be responsible of many departments included in the campus, it is truly amazing!!

    We are welcomed into the school like family, everyone seems friendly and enthusiastic, very positive atmosphere."

    Mrs. Ghiwa Tabbal Parent

  • "It has been our family’s privilege over the course of nine years to be part of the SABIS® International School - Adma community. We feel blessed to have found a high standard trilingual system in a safe and culturally active environment. The unique educational system provided ensures that the students have grasped all the concepts taught through continuous assessments. As parents we are delighted to see our children thriving and happy to go to school. Their typical day is dynamic, filled with a variety of activities to choose from like the SABIS® Student Life Organization, clubs, and sports. It’s wonderful to see your child build their confidence and strong character through the several shows that they perform during the course of the year. The yearly musicals the students participate in are performed with such commitment and hard work, thanks to the schools dedicated team. Our children are also taught the importance of helping others by contributing at such an early stage in their lives through the school’s bake sales, one child one gift, and Red Cross donations. We highly recommend SABIS® as we believe it provides the best comprehensive educational experience."

    Maha El Hawa Parent

  • "SABIS® is the major and active partner that helps me raise my kids properly.

    Its strict rules and high international standards is a green card for its students to complete their studies in the best universities around the world. 

    It is not just a school to study and pass classes at, but also teaches its students a way of thinking which is the most important and needed thing in identifying and resolving any problem in real life."

    Loris Sidawy Parent

  • "As a mother of two children attending SABIS® International School - Adma, I have witnessed the excellence of this institution's academic and civic education.

    I have seen my children, who differ in both gender and disposition, flourish in a safe environment, which encourages self-sufficiency, confidence, and the determination to succeed. Indeed, SABIS® International School - Adma,, with its fine-tuned academic system, its engaging SABIS® Student Life Organization, and a disciplinary system which stems from high ethics and aims at instilling and reinforcing essential values in children, make it an outstanding school.

    I feel proud and reassured to have my children attend an establishment that has over 100 years of experience in raising children to become conscientious young adults, well equipped to face the world head on, and capable of contributing to their community. SABIS® International School - Adma,  is truly a pillar of education. "

    Rehan Mansour Parent