Grade 10 University Counseling Session

University counseling is crucial to help students properly plan their transition out of high school and into university life. Therefore, SIS-Adma, held a counseling session for Grade 10 students to briefly inform them of all they need to know when it comes to applying to university. This informative presentation helped clarify the elements within a transcript that are required for them to apply to college. In addition, it gave them a general idea of the different types of external exams, and whether or not they are obligated to take them according to the program they are currently in. A detailed explanation was also given about the difference between the Lebanese and International program when it comes to applying to and attending university.

This counseling session obviously incited the students’ interest based on the number of questions that were asked at the end. Many of these questions had to do with the requirements that came with applying to foreign countries. Moreover, questions about the SATs were frequently asked, such as whether or not the essay is required or whether the SAT itself is a requirement. Furthermore, many students had specific inquiries about other external exams (e.g. AP® exams, IGCSEs, and A levels).

"The university counseling session was very beneficial and answered all our questions. This session helped clarify all the information presented to us during previous university webinars. Now we know the basics and it is much easier to plan for our future."​ -- Jessica Ferzli, Grade 10

Overall, the students immensely benefited from this counseling session; it eased their stress and worry about applying to university. Despite the fact that the session only lasted half an hour, the presenters managed to clearly give the Grade 10 students all the information necessary without any complications. They helped elucidate any misconceptions the students had. With all this newly acquired information, they can now easily schedule their time and plan ahead without any obstacles.

Written by: Carine Bazi, Grade 11