Online Career Planning

Online Career Planning

On Saturday, January 30, 2021, several alumni came together virtually to help provide students in grades 10 to 12 with guidance regarding their future. They talked about their lives after SABIS®, the majors they chose, their current career paths, and how they got there. The alumni were from different majors including, social media marketing, finance, medicine, architecture, interior design, engineering, pharmacy, and consulting. They even expressed their willingness to continue answering the students’ questions after the session.

Students’ curiosity peaked when asking the alumni questions about their careers, and what universities are best for the specific majors they are interested in. All the questions asked were passionately and honestly answered. Furthermore, the alumni guided students on how to do their best in school to succeed in the future, which was very helpful.

They all gave amazing advice and included a lot of useful information that I hadn’t known before,” says Thea Abdessater from Grade 11.

Many other students found this meeting beneficial in learning more about life after high school and the different career paths they may choose from.

“It was a refreshing new outlook from former SABIS® students who provided us with genuine advice about the real world. You could see the passion when they talked about their work, which is inspiring,” shared Amy Abi Badra, from Grade 11, enthusiastically.

Overall, students had a wonderful experience communicating and engaging with the alumni. Students found this experience highly enriching and now feel one step closer to deciding their ideal career paths.

Written by: Sana’a Abou Antoun, Grade 11