University Fair

SIS-Adma was proud to host the University Fair event, bringing together students from across SABIS® schools to interact with universities and agencies based in Lebanon and around the world. The buzz among the students was undeniable, and the event served as a great kick-off for many students who are overwhelmed by the university selection and application process.

“A University Fair was held for the first time at SIS-Adma. There were 19 universities present, both local and international. It was an amazing and extremely helpful experience. We learned about what many universities offer and got a clearer idea and understanding about our future paths, and what we would like to major in. The fair also offered the grades 11-12 students the opportunity to learn about many new universities and majors. It was a great occasion to unite SABIS schools within the network and experience together the opportunities SABIS has to offer.” - Michele Frem, Carl Hanna, Joseph Awaida – Grade 11 & 12