SLO® Kindness Week

Here at SABIS® Adma appreciation and kindness are not taken lightly. This is why, we have dedicated a full week to emphasize their importance and get us back on the right track. The first two days were dedicated to distribute quotes related to kindness as well as appreciation cards that were written anonymously by SLO® prefects. Chocolate and homemade brownies were also distributed to all SIS-Adma community in order to display our appreciation for all the effort that teachers and staff put to keep our school in order, and in order to show kindness towards our fellow students. On the third day, a presentation took place in the theater for middle school students in which kindness videos were projected and an activity was launched to implement random acts of kindness. During the fourth day, G1-2-3 students sang the “kindness pledge” with the help of High School prefects. Finally, the week was culminated by a celebration of independence in which all students showed appreciation and honored our beautiful country.

This week’s purpose was to remind everyone, teachers, students and staff members, that kindness is free and that doing good will make the community a better place. One must always remember that a simple smile might be what someone needs to carry on!