Senior Trip

A group of our senior students joined our school organized trip to Vienna and Budapest, two cities of history and culture by excellence. Who could be  better at telling us all about it than one of these seniors:


For the first time in SIS-Adma’s history, the SLO® planned our Senior Trip to Vienna and Budapest.

It took place between January 2nd and January 7th , 2018. I simply spent extraordinary days discovering two new countries (Austria and Hungary) with my friends and teachers; the well set plan made the trip even more special… We visited touristic places like the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna; the beauty of this place is beyond words! Not only did we visit touristic places, but we also joined in many activities like ice skating in the biggest arena in the world, visiting a wonderful amusement park, and cruising in the astonishing sea of Budapest. Sightseeing was also unforgettable! The Parliament and Chain Bridge made us speechless! We also watched the Knights Tournament in Visegrad, which was simply the best experience I have ever had! 


What I loved the most about this trip was the bond that was made stronger between us and the teachers; we definitely made unforgettable memories together.

Last but not least, I simply cannot describe this amazing trip in a small paragraph… I advise younger students not to miss this opportunity in their senior year!