@SABIS®-Adma..Public Speaker of SABIS-STARS!







Public speaking is the process of performing a speech in front of a live audience. 

@SABIS®-Adma astounding student Tony Saroufim (G10) structured his discourses around three general purposes: to inform, to persuade and to entertain.

He was able to dazzle the audience @SABIS-STARS with his charm and win the public over with his charisma. Tony stood out amongst the other contestants with his logical arguments infused in humor.

He proudly carried @SABIS®-Adma the 1st prize trophy in his category after delivering an amazing speech discussing whether leaders were born or made.

His down-to-earth augments and logical reasoning propelled him to the win.

@SABIS®-Adma can't be pouder!


@SABIS®-Adma..Public Speaker of SABIS-STARS


@SABIS®-Adma..Public Speaker of SABIS-STARS


@SABIS®-Adma..Public Speaker of SABIS-STARS