@SABIS®-Adma..@LAU Tounament!

@SABIS®-Adma teams dominated the LAU High School tournament 2019 winning in three different categories.

Both @SABIS®-Adma boys and girls mini soccer teams finished with a clean record all throughout the tournament. In the final, the girls had a tough matchup vs Balamand School yet they were capable of sealing the win 2-1 at the end of the game.

On the other hand, @SABIS®-Adma boys cruised their way in the final game winning 5-0 against Antonines Ghazir.

After finishing second last year, @SABIS®-Adma’ girls volleyball team came back strong to this year’s tournament, and dominated their games as well, winning every set and finishing the tournament with a clean record.

In addition, three of @SABIS®-Adma students were honored as the MVPs of the tournament: Elie Kanaan Gr12 was named MVP for the boys’ mini soccer, Sasha Geagea Gr11 was named MVP for the girls’ mini soccer, and Aya Maria Matar Gr11 was named MVP for the girls’ volleyball.

Furthermore, Tia Doumit Gr12 and Joceline Geara Gr7 were picked to represent @SABIS®-Adma in the girls’ basketball All Star game that was held in LAU Beirut.

The next day, our teams presented the trophies to @SABIS®-Adma’s Acting Director and Regional Academic Quality Controller Mr.Isssam Saifan and shared with him their amazing experience.

@SABIS®-Adma Boys Mini Soccer Team


@SABIS®-Adma Girls Mini Soccer Team


@SABIS®-Adma Girls Volleyball Team




@SABIS®-Adma @All Star Gam