Fossils trip - Grade 2

On Saturday, October 15, 2015, Grade 2 students enjoyed a memorable day in the mountains of Haqel. The beautiful weather and the fresh air could not go by unnoticed.

The first destination was a traditional saj breakfast under one of the biggest oak trees ever seen in the village of Haqel.  The next stop was the original fossil quarry deep in the mountains.

To reach this area, students hiked along an adventurous path to get to the heart of the mountain. Students searched and collected fossils that are millions of years old and got to take them home as keepsakes. The study of fossils was one of the students’ science lessons this year, and they had the opportunity to see and discover what they had learned in their books.

The Fossils Museum was another attraction that the students enjoyed touring. The last stop of the expedition was Lehfed Country Club where the kids had a delicious lunch and played a variety of games with animators.