Class of the Week @SABIS®-Adma!


@SABIS®-Adma's “Class of the Week” Title is given to the class with the overall best behavior over a span of 5 weeks. The title is received based on a combination of good deed tickets that are given to students who are reported to have done a wide range of positive and influential deeds. Moreover, it is received based on the low numbers of behavioral infractions. The competition took place between @SABIS®-Adma's Grades 7 and 8 students and helped ensure that the class worked as a team to earn the title.

The winners were Grades 7B and 8A!



“Winning @SABIS®-Adma's Class of the Week was great and I can’t wait for the next competition!"                           

Alice Khacahn–G7B

“Winning with a very helpful class is an amazing feeling. Hope we win again next term!”

Manal Hallab–G7B

“It is an honor to win @SABIS®-Adma's "Class of the Week" Title. We worked so hard to get it as a team!”

Sarah el Kadi–G8A


Class of the Week @SABIS®-Adma