Byblos Trip – Grade 3

The visit to the historical city of “Byblos” on Saturday, May 21st, 2016 was a culturally stimulating and entertaining trip for the 3rd grade students and teachers alike.

Students experienced a guided tour of the Crusader Fort, where they discovered the heart of the ancient city. They learned about the historical aspects of Byblos’s souks and beginnings, from the various time periods of its inhabitants to viewing museum artifacts of different ages first-hand. Their long walk through the Phoenician port and the historic quarter was fascinating as well as thought-provoking, where they excitedly bought souvenirs from the souk’s well-renowned shops.

A delicious lunch was provided at the modern Byblos Public Garden, where students enjoyed nature as a finale to the day.

The magnificence of this ancient city, impeccable weather, and the students’ excitement for adventure made this trip a memorable one.