During the first week of Term 3, the SLO® Discipline Department held a Bullying Prevention campaign for Grades 5-8 students. The aim of this campaign was to bring awareness to the different kinds of bullying and the negative effects of bullying all together. The students were given a presentation on the topic and taught what to do when faced with bullying themselves or seeing bullying around them. The spreading of rumors and cyber bullying were also discussed, as these are both prominent forms of bullying that can have negative effects on the students and their relationships with those around them. The students understood the emphasis of having a safe and positive school atmosphere and why bullying should not be prevalent in such an environment.

And in order to further spread the anti-bullying message in our school, an “Anti-Bullying Poster” competition was launched. Students are asked to create a poster projecting the “anti-bullying message” and that bullying is wrong and should not be tolerated. The students can work individually or in groups and are expected to submit their projects to the SLO® by April 22nd, 2015. One winner will be selected from each grade, and their posters will be posted all around the school to spread their positive message.

Good luck to everyone!