A Modern Day Cicero @SABIS®-Adma?


When he created his guidelines for orators, the Roman philosopher Cicero claimed that great speeches should contain three things: technique, substance, and passion. Speakers should use classical techniques that emphasize logic and lyrical rhythm; they should speak with knowledge and moral purpose; and they should be able to project

"It's honestly an honor to be representing  @SABIS®-Adma  for public speaking, and the fact that I'll be expressing a talent of mine internationally is absolutely amazing." Tony Sarroufim-G10

Congratulations Tony who will be representing @SABIS®-Adma in #SABIS_ STARS-Yas Island #UAE on April 20th and 21st, 2018.

Good luck our modern day junior orator Tony Sarroufim! 

Public Speaking @SABIS®-Adma