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SIS-Adma Students On The Slopes! Part 1
@SABIS®-Adma..On The Slopes(1)!
Grade 4 to 6 @SABIS®-Adma’s students got to enjoy a ski weekend getaway...
World Cancer Day at SIS-Adma
World Cancer Day @SABIS®-Adma!
@SABIS®-Adma’s SLO® Social Responsibility Department shed the light on World Cancer Day through their Lemon-Aid...
Ashwicke_Hall SABIS® boarding school in the U.K.!
@Ashwicke_Hall..@SABIS® boarding school in the U.K.!
@SABIS®-Adma’s SLO® prefects giving personalized testimonials about their amazing experience @Ashwicke_Hall School, @
SIS-Adma Visits Mission De Vie!
@SABIS®-Adma..@Mission de Vie!
After raising enough money from the annual bake sale, and an additional Christmas bake sale, @SABIS®-Adma G11...
The Spirit of Giving at SIS-Adma!
The Spirit of Giving @SABIS®-Adma(2)!
During Christmas time @SABIS®-Adma SLO® Social Responsibility Department enjoys giving to those less fortunate...
@SABIS®-Adma's KGs..@Arnaoon!
@SABIS®-Adma's KGs..@Arnaoon!
During the Christmas season, the laughter and giggles of @SABIS®-Adma’s KG students filled the air in Arnaoon...
@SABIS®-Adma's G1-2-3 Christmas Spirit!
@SABIS®-Adma's G1-2-3 Christmas Spirit!
Christmas is not the same without children...
A Success Story @SABIS®-Adma!
A Success Story @SABIS®-Adma!
‘Our Alumni.... Our Pride’ @nadimgibeily
@SABIS®-Adma..@LAU Tounament!
@SABIS®-Adma..@LAU Tounament!
@SABIS®-Adma teams dominated the LAU High School tournament 2019 winning in three different categories...
Mock MUN @SABIS®-Adma(1)!
Mock MUN @SABIS®-Adma(1)!
@SABIS®-Adma Middle School MUN (Model United Nations) delegates preparing...
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